Monday, December 01, 2003


Some testimonials from my previous site. Many more were lost when Gear-something messed up my guestbook. Names abbreviated for privacy, since these were posted a while ago.

I don't see a guestbook thingy here at blogspot ... until then, go here to say hi.

A.C. - 10/01/99 08:50:33


I haven't the slightest clue what led me to our website last night, but it sparked an interest that kept me up the whole night learning as much as I possibly could. I can honestly say, this information has already begun changing my life. A.C.

R. L. - 10/31/98 05:13:03


oops...first ones a dud. I'm excited at the prospect that there may be validation to the concept of an all powerfull God. I am even tempted to get my own Bible Code CD Rom. I'd check every 666th letter. (the number of the beast) I've read some of the critics of the Code, and their scoffing seems hollow somehow.

B.K. - 02/27/98 01:21:03


Well done! Although I have only skimmed the site and haven't read most of the articles, I am impressed with the variety of topics covered on this one page. I also like the variety in your "suggested readings" list. I'll be back:-)

DJC - 01/08/98 02:02:03


wow, man, you're getting into heavy theological and almost epistemological stuff... good man! glad to see that your grey matter is being put to good use, and that you're learning a lot.. now on your quest of truth, what have you found that addresses the onundrumatic tension between gospel and culture? see http:// www.aamdomain.com/cac/

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