Thursday, January 01, 2004

Anomalies: Pushing Evolutionism Over the Brink

"You never need think you can turn over any old falsehoods without a terrible squirming of the horrid little population that dwells under it."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Anomalies that have been studiously ignored or unsuccessfully debunked that confound the current textbook version of history. Many of these are documented in Forbidden Archeology, and are quite well known conundrums in the extra-evolutionistic world. Fact or fraud?

  • The Kensington Runestone
  • Archaeological Anomalies of North America
  • In addition, Out-Of-Place Artifacts (OOPArts - search for it!) such as

  • The Ica Stones and
  • The dinosaur figurines of Acambaro (and other dino art)
  • More dinosaur art
  • Some OOPArts
  • tell us that our current version of prehistory is hopelessly sanitized for evolutionist/materialist consumption.

    Other potential problems for the accepted view of prehistory include:

  • Japan's underwater ruins at Yonaguni
  • More Yonaguni
  • Yonaguni and "Bimini Road"
  • Ancient man not so dumb after all?

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