Friday, February 20, 2004

Galileos of Our Time?

"Yet another part of the current medical landscape that the Duesberg affair illuminates is political and ideological. What does the orthodox scientific establishment do to a scientist whose work and views are out of step with majority opinion? Apparently, in some cases, cut off his funding. "

- Richard Horton, editor of "Lancet", in May 23rd issue of the "New York Review of Books"

"Anybody with an ounce of common sense must have realised that a virus cannot have been barely detectable for the first 10 years of its existence, then suddenly turn out to be "hyperactive" after all. The answer to this conundrum is quite simple: AIDS science is not science at all, just empty posturing as such. ..."

"The evidence of 100,000 papers on HIV and AIDS should indeed be massive; unfortunately (or rather, mercifully) not one of them contains any direct evidence for the existence of HIV nor of its components."

- Dr. Stefan Lanka, "Dr. Lanka Chats With Dr. Harris"

Of course, many if not all of the scientists, scholars, and writers, and, yes, even lawyers featured on this page - my apologies to Phillip Johnson, I couldn't resist - deserve to be considered as possible Galileos of our time, willing to run the risk of being pilloried for the possibility of greater scientific discovery.

These are individuals who have gone against the prevailing grain for, as far as I can discern, reasons of professional and intellectual integrity, sometimes reaping scorn, persecution, harassment, financial hardship, and censorship. Unfortunately, any claims that opposition to their work is orchestrated by those who are benefitting financially from the non-advancement of their theories ... are wholly believable (and, it appears, well-documented). Only time will tell if their theories are correct, but they deserve a fair hearing in the courts of science - for their sakes and ours. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that continental drift, h. pylorii and prions were ideas that were ridiculed by virtually the entire scientific establishment. The scientists who proposed these concepts were accorded pariah status by their peers.

First up: something's fishy in AIDS research. We've all seen the pictures, but ... is it really of the HIV retrovirus?

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  • And, finally ... despite mounting scientific evidence, many scientists such as Richard Dawkins still cling to their belief in evolution. Will science one day be able to explain how irreducibly complex molecular machines such as bacterial flagella arose through natural evolutionary processes? Will the laws of physics spontaneously change to allow the undirected formation of life? Will their faith in miraculous natural forces be one day rewarded, in a stunning revelation when they will be finally vindicated for sacrificing their scientific integrity?

    Not bloody likely.

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