Saturday, February 21, 2004

The HIV-AIDS Mistake?

"I am a virologist, and this is pure virology. Does he think I woke up one morning and said to myself "let's play silly buggers, and put it about that HIV didn't really exist." Of course not. No doctor could possibly rebut it without the help of a top-rate virologist. If a Duesberg tried, I'd pay attention ..."

- Dr. Stefan Lanka, "Dr. Lanka Chats With Dr. Harris"

Sorry if the quote doesn't make much sense out of context, but I found it so funny I had to share it here. Follow the link for the context, although you may need the help of a top-rate virologist before long.

The only thing more amazing than Duesberg's claim - that HIV is in fact harmless, and that drug use (and AZT treatment) rather than HIV may be the cause of AIDS - is the apparent amount of support for it. Of course, in the face of all the hysteria, it's not easy to keep in mind that the number of AIDS cases has been artificially inflated.

Artificially inflated? Yup.

"The seemingly close correlation between AIDS and HIV is largely an artifact of the misleading definition of AIDS used by the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control. AIDS is a syndrome defined by the presence of one or more of 30 independent diseases - when accompanied by a positive result on a test that detects antibodies to HIV."

(Charles A. Thomas Jr., Kary B. Mullis, and Phillip E. Johnson, "What Causes AIDS? It's an Open Question", "Reason" Magazine, June, 1994, Pages 18-23.)

Here's something that should raise your eyebrows:

"The test for the existence of antibodies against AIDS-associated virus is not diagnostic for AIDS and AIDS-like diseases. Negative test results do not exclude the possibility of contact or infection with the AIDS-associated virus. Positive test results do not prove that someone has an AIDS or pre-AIDS disease status nor that he will acquire it."

- from leaflet accompanying an AIDS test kit

So ... what exactly does this test do?

Oh, well. Who needs the scientific method, anyhow? Sometimes it's so troublesome and icky. You heartless brute, you want all those people in the AIDS industry to starve? (And that's quite a lot of people.)

But if the critics of "HIV-science" are correct, many lives could be saved by relatively simple measures - staying off recreational drugs and refusing to take AZT.

Right or wrong? If wrong, stop Duesberg. Stop me from wasting web space. But if right, the biggest medical hoax of the century is being perpetrated right now... and people are paying with their lives.

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