Friday, March 05, 2004

The Mechanisms of Evolution : Blissful Ignorance


From Cremo's new book, Forbidden Archeology's Impact. Note that this is the same phenomenon seen on "reviews" of non-Darwinist books at Amazon.com: fundamentalist Darwinists commenting on the content of books they have never dared to read.

"While I have not read Forbidden Archeology, I have encountered people who have on the web before and, if their recitations are in any way accurate, I think this tells me all I need to know about your book."

- Dr. Phil Nicholls, Darwinist fundamentalist, p.502

"While I haven't read the book and can't comment intelligently on the bulk of its contents, I've seen excerpts. ... [FA] doesn't do anything to challenge the fact that organisms, human or otherwise, have evolved."

- Brett J. Vickers, p. 506. Note: FA is 828 pages long.

"It looks like most of the detractors haven't read the book. Could someone please explain to me how anyone can pose a valid criticism of a book they haven't read?"

- Dean T. Miller, p. 508

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